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The Revox Pause-Story    The search for the why and how  

Some lines  about the "Revox pause tangle"
There are a lot of myths about the pause facility in the Revox tape recorders  A700 - B77 and PR99.
And there are as many false informations around the earth in the forums about the pause function.
I came across this matter with my PR99 MKII and I searched for a solution - but there wasn´t any being offered.
The more I searched, the more false information came up.
So I made a plan and collected convincing informations.- But it was quite disappointing -
not a single intention or fact could be found – so there was no straight way to gain information.

I usually rely on facts and therefore I developped the „Pause Memory“ in the year 2004 to solve this tangle.
Facts are:
The Revox recorder A700, B77 and PR99 are equipped with a momentary acting "pause" - button.

This is, in the case of the A700, probably for competitive reasons, because the
Japanese tape recorder was fitted with a pause button.
And the first B77 series devices had the same control IC like the A700.

From the Revox side this pause theme obviously wasn't a top priority,
                   so it was not handled with stringent logic as as the following list shows:

1. The A700 cable remote box only has a mometary acting pause button.

2. The B77 (also for  PR99)  cable remote boxes have a mechanically locking pause button
which has the disadvantage, that the activated „pause“ on the remote box could not be released using the local (B77) pause button.
It HAD TO be released on the remote box (The remote pause button has priority)

3. The Revox infrared control for B77 - consisting of the components B202 Remote receiver
(to plug on the B77 remote socket) and a remote pad as B201 / B205 or B205 have a non-stored pause - momentary function.

4. The Revox B203 "Timer / Controller" for B77 / PR99 / A700 has a stored pause function,
but "pause" - activated from the B203 box could not be released on the local (B77 / PR99 / A700 ) pause -button,
 it HAD TO be released on the remote control (remote pause was again prioritised).

5. For the PR99  MKII a "serial" control is possible, using this, the pause is stored,
but again, it could not released on the local button, it HAD TO be released on the serial remote (remote pause was prioritised).

6. Revox planned to sell a plug-in "electronically locked pause button" - module for the PR99.
It is mentioned on the last page of the PR99  MKIII service manual - topic 10.4 -
--- but it was never realised - a matter of "no prority"
The solution - my solution - was to develop and fit the "Pause Memory" in the B77 / PR99  and A700.
So now the result is  that you can operate the pause function on the B77 / PR99  / A700  as well local and per remote with equal rights!
Nothing is prioritised.

Required changes to the attachments when using the Pievox  Pause Memory:

No change is necessary if  using the B202 IR -remote receiver with the B77 and A700 or
 (This is imperative !) using the Pievox Adapter PR99_B202  on the PR99 MK I... III

Changes in the Revox remote boxes:
On the B77 cable remote the pause button must be converted to a momentary contact.
This is achieved by removing the locking clamp from the pause button mechanic - a piece of bent steel -
very simply to remove  and mount the hook again in case.

In the B203 Timer Controller there is a "Pievox - patch" to install
to convert the B203  pause-store state change is converted into impulses
 - to trigger the installed Pievox Pause Memory in the B77 / PR99  as it is by the pause button.

In the PR99  MKII  If using  the serial remote control  in the PR99 MKII
here also is a Pievox patch available to convert the in the PR99 control electronics stored "Pause" state change into impulses
to trigger the installed Pievox Pause Memory in the PR99 as it is by the pause button.